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 Lash It Up products and services welcomes the new and improved way to wear eyelash extensions. Lash It Up not only comes with experience, but with the correct protocol and safety for your natural hair. Lash It Up has made lash extensions flawless and comfortable for daily wear. Individual Eyelash extensions are used to help women limit maintenance and enhance their natural beauty. Using the right style for every eye shape, customers love what they see and feel after lashing it up.
The founder of Lash It Up was once a consumer just like you, who wanted the best for her eyes. After much research and getting certified, she persevered until she found the safe way to apply lashes with no itching, burning or pain! Following servicing hundreds of clients for nearly five years and listening to her clients needs, she analyzed all different lash materials before she discovered Lash It Up. Lash It Up is an accredited company working hard to give the best service and experience for eyelash extensions.

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